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Does this sound like you?

  • Your heart resonates with the clarity you receive from working with plant medicines, but you’re struggling to maintain your spiritual connection
  • You're stuck, blocked, or lost and don't know HOW to integrate your mystical experiences and call in the abundance you want
  • What you really want is to live in a radically different way that’s more aligned with your spirit
  • You have a vision or purpose – but you feel stuck, disconnected, or lost on how to make it your reality, and it feels isolating and overwhelming to try to do it on your own
  • You want a power team of experienced plant medicine guides supporting you as you build a relationship with psychedelics so you can live the life you deserve and share your gifts with the world

If this resonates with you, then RISE AND ALIGN is what you need (and is exactly what we do in our program!) Join the waitlist to find out when enrollment opens and be the first in line to apply for the program.

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